Our Organization

Pantomath Group is one of the leading diversified financial services group with global presence. We started on December 5, 2013, and within a short period, attained leadership position in alternate capital market space. Over a period of time, we have emerged as a leading mid market investment bank

We have one of the largest in-house private network attracting leading investors on one hand and arranging global business synergies and growth capital to corporates on the other. As one of the leading independent investment banking organization, it is imperative that we have a distinctive point of view with tailor-made innovative solutions to make powerful impact to our client's business and wealth.

Corporate Profile
5000+ Corporate Connect

One of the largest private network we provide curated strategic fits to investors and business-owners.

Within a short span, we have cultivated rich direct relationships with business owners and CXOs of 5000+ Indian businesses, as a result of our un-parallel on-ground efforts, which is hard to emulate.

Global Network of 12+ Countries

We bring global experience with innovative solutions

Our global network presence enables our team to bring the best-in-class global experience with innovative solution and ease of implementation.We provide strategic advice and serve holistically to all corporate finance and M&A needs.

Leading Mid-Market Investment Bank

We are trusted investment bankers to mid-market businesses, family offices and leading investors.

We continuously strive to deliver bespoke, insight driven strategies, along with strong execution skills to achieve best in class results for our clients.

Backed by our deep-routed local reach and global preface, we are a leading private network aiding progressive business families with customized in-organic strategic support on one hand, and assisting leading investors with curated un-explored opportunities on the other hand”.

- Mahavir Lunawat, Group Founder

To be a leading organization providingcomprehensive advisory services in corporate affairs, finance and business solutions to varying sections of society including SMEs and large enterprises.


To share out of the box and innovative ideas and execute them with excellent expertise for optimum customer satisfaction.

Our name and logo are a metaphor for the level of expertise and professionalism our team shares with our clients and stakeholders. Our logo containing our name, Pantomath, along with sun-rays inside the initial letter ‘P’, vision along the letter ‘O’ and progressive arrow towards the top-end signify our goals and approach towards comprehensiveness, clear vision with energy, brightness and progressiveness.

Our Leadership Team

Mahavir Lunawat

Group Founder & Managing Director   |   Mumbai

Madhu Lunawat

Co-Founder And Executive Director   |   Mumbai

Ambareesh Baliga

Independent Director   |   Mumbai

Krishan Kumar Jalan (Retd. I.A.S)

Independent Director   |   Mumbai